Free quote
We assign individual prices. Write to us, specifying the number of billboards, sizes, periodicity of placing orders, method of delivery.

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Flexible solutions
We have a lot of experience. We understand that sometimes it is necessary to complete an order faster or to address the billboards to several addresses.

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Cooperation is a plus
By working together for longer, we understand each other better. We know when you send files, how many you order, where you are sending. This significantly shortens the turnaround time.

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What we offer?
We specialize in the design and production of billboards. The daily production capacity at the level of 7000m2. Deliveries to the address indicated.

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Dynamic development

Many projects are behind us. Each subsequent order makes the production process more perfect. We are constantly expanding, larger halls, more machines, more production lines, greater daily capacity.
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Beneficial cooperation

We operate for customers looking for a reliable, affordable and timely printing house. We try to make billboards properly, in accordance with the agreed arrangements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the production price?

The size of the order and the frequency of placing orders have the greatest impact on the production price. We produce billboards from one piece. We grant prices individually.

What is the packing method and delivery date?

The printed billboard is divided into blocks and folded according to standards. A cardboard package, which does not exceed 30kg, can contain 22 folded billboards 504x238 cm. Single billboards are packed in a poly mailer. The courier delivers parcels within 1-2 business days. We set the dates of deliveries by company transport individually.

Payment method?

The accepted standard is to make the payment before starting the production. In the case of larger contract orders, we allow the possibility of granting deferred payment terms.


Advantages of our cooperation

We have a lot of experience. We have already produced thousands of billboards, our audience market is constantly growing:
  • Adequate production equipment facilities
  • Correctly calibrated machines
  • A wide workforce
  • Fast after-sales service
  • Speed of order execution
  • Products prepared for assembly according to standards
  • Computer graphics consulting
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professionalism and competitiveness.
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I have several billboards

I run a construction warehouse that has several advertising boards. I use billboards to inform customers about our promotions.

Wynajmuję tablice reklamowe

Dla swoich klientów wykonuje cykliczne kampanie reklamowe. Organizuje wydruk na papeirze blueback oraz organizuję montaż na miejscu.

We run campaigns for chain stores

Diversity in orders is the order of the day. We order billboards in various sizes. Deliveries to different addresses. Billboard7 is a diligent performer.