Team Billboard7

A few words about us ...

We are a large-format printing house specializing in the production of billboards. Printouts on paper are made in the Hard-Solvent technology on properly selected blueback paper, cut and folded, they are sent to customers in accordance with the address provided.

We have been producing out-door advertisements since 2011. We have already completed a lot of orders and many more to come. Several years of experience allows us to serve customers at a good, stable level. We are constantly developing, investing in technology and implementing new, better solutions. We draw conclusions and reduce the percentage of errors. We are constantly improving.

” There is no elevator to success. You have to go up the stairs. ”

Free calculation
We assign individual prices. Write to us, specifying the number of billboards, sizes, periodicity of placing orders, method of delivery.
Flexible solutions
We have a lot of experience. We understand that sometimes it is necessary to complete an order faster or to address the billboards to several addresses.
By working together for longer, we understand each other better. We know when you send files, how many you order, where you are sending. This significantly shortens the turnaround time.