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The Billboard7 printing house makes prints for advertising boards. The print is made on blueback paper. Blueback paper is glued to advertising boards with a special glue. Advertising boards support sales. They constitute a solid supplement to the message in the mass media, leaflet campaigns, campaigns on social networks. Standard roadside advertising signs are 504x238cm or 600x300cm. Most often you can find advertising boards in these sizes. Billboards printed on blueback paper are perfect for short-term advertising campaigns. Often, advertising boards located on roads with heavy traffic advertise promotional campaigns, discounts, periodic sales or a specific product. Advertising boards covered with billboard paper often change their content. The average durability of printed blueback paper is assumed for the period of 3 months. For investors looking for advertising media, advertising boards covered with blueback paper are "cheap". It is possible to replace the advertisement frequently while maintaining low costs. Billboards covered with paper will not work when the investor expects long-term advertising. In such situations, advertising banners, the durability of which is estimated from 1 year up, work well.

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Billboard7 Printing House does not rent advertising boards. Currently, we are creating a database where it will be possible to locate advertising boards and download contact details of the board owner. They have their own, most often free-standing, structure. Advertising boards are mounted at a height. They have a full surface, mostly steel, to which it is possible to stick blueback paper with an overprint. Billboard7 specializes in the design and production of billboards for advertising boards. If you have an advertising board and you are interested in renting it, write us a message giving the location of the board and contact details. However, if you run a business dealing with sticking billboards on advertising boards, write to us a message giving the location of the services provided and contact details. Investors looking for advertising boards will be redirected with the contact to the given data.

We create a database of companies that offer pasting up billboards in the city of Wroclaw. We encourage you to contact the companies that offer the billboard sticking service in Wroclaw. Currently, the scope of activities of the Billboard7 printing house includes the preparation of a graphic design in accordance with the guidelines or verification of ready-made designs and the production of billboards. The form of out-door advertising. Billboards are a type of outdoor advertising. Placed advertising on boards is weather-resistant. For short-term promotional campaigns, printing on blueback paper is the optimal solution. We deliver the finished billboards to the indicated address by courier.

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Often, billboards are an excellent advertising medium during elections. Election billboards are often covered with billboards or advertising banners are hung on them. They support advertising campaigns. On the local market it is still one of the best forms of advertising message. Advertising boards are perfect for promoting products on a small market. They reach the audience directly. We offer design work and billboard printing for advertising boards. We do not provide assembly services. However, we create a database of companies pasting billboards and the owners of signs who rent them. If we have an entry in the database, we pass on the contact. We deliver the finished products to the address provided. You can read about how to properly prepare a graphic design for billboards in the Graphic designs tab.

We invite clients who have at their disposal advertising boards in the city of Wroclaw. We offer design and printing of billboards. We deliver the finished products to the address provided. They enable communication with customers. Large size and good location of the billboard means that many recipients get to know the advertisement. Billboards are perfect for short-term campaigns. We also create a database of companies pasting billboards in the city of Wroclaw. When it is ready, Billboard7 printing house will provide full billboard service.

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I recommend this place because the whole order is divided into parts that are sent to different addresses. This speeds up campaign organization. Everything arrived on time at the addresses provided.

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