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Bilboard7 Printing House prints billboards on blueback paper. It is a special blue paper designed for sticking billboards. Larger formats created from smaller "panels". Billboard in the standard 502x238cm format consists of 6 elements known in the industry as sheets. Printing on blueback paper is made using the hard-solvent technology. Printing technology intended for out-door advertisements. Blueback paper works perfectly with glue, which companies providing billboard bonding services know very well. Prints on blueback paper are made in accordance with the agreed design.

The Bilboard7 printing house offers billboards printing on advertising boards in Cologne. Finished products are delivered to the indicated address by courier. Dedicated to full-color printing of large-area advertisements. The print is made in the CMYK color palette. The standard color is white. 100% printing possible. Billboards are printed in accordance with the agreed graphic file, properly divided, folded, labeled and packed. We deliver the prepared billboards for sticking to the agreed address. Prices, delivery dates and payment terms can be found in the billboards tab.

Blueback paper is a roll paper. After printing, the blueback paper is properly divided into sections and folded according to the accepted standards. Properly prepared and described "cubes" of the finished blueback with an imprint are sent to the teams providing services for sticking up billboards. Medium of short-term advertising campaigns. Due to the low price and easy assembly, the advertisement can be changed frequently. It is a solution that does not generate high costs. It is flexible in terms of planning, for example, weekly or monthly advertising campaigns. Billboards covered with blueback paper are intended for use for an average of 3 months. Printing on blueback paper works very well for short-term advertising campaigns. Advertisements made on blueback are among the cheapest on the market. Paper is cheap, printing is relatively quick and easy to stick to. In the case of large-format advertising, short-term use, printing on blueback paper is the optimal solution.

Blueback paper on billboard

Any formats

Fast turnaround time

Low prices

Flexible collaboration

Blueback prints are one of the printing house's key products. Both smaller (several blueback billboards) and larger (several hundred blueback billboards) orders are carried out. The standard daily capacity of the printing house is currently about 6000-7000 m2. It is also possible to print blueback on weekends and public holidays. Cheap blue printing paper. Allows soaking before assembly. Very good paper for glue. The print itself is resistant to weather conditions. Inks resistant to rapid fading due to UV rays. In the event of an increased demand for blueback printing, we additionally launch additional production lines. In the case of an increased number of orders for billboard printing, the printing house has the option of increasing the daily blueback print capacity to 11000 m2.

The Billboard7 Printing House offers blueback paper with a print in the city of Cologne. The printing house makes printouts in accordance with the approved graphic files and delivers finished products to the city of Cologne to the address indicated. Paper for hard-solvent and eco-solvent printing. Blueback paper allows printing in several printing technologies. These include standard hard-solvent printing, but also eco-solvent printing or UV printing. The difference between printing technologies results from durability in external conditions, printing precision and price. As of today, the printing house does not provide assembly services, it specializes in designing and printing on blueback paper.

The Billboard7 printing house specializes in the production of blueback billboards. The Billboard7 brand belongs to the PW-Studio capital group. Billbord7 cooperates in the field of printing on blueback paper with individual recipients, companies servicing advertising boards, sales networks, advertising agencies and companies renting billboards. The printing house has a large inventory of materials in order to ensure the continuity of printing. Ready buleback prints are delivered as standard by groupage courier, pallet shipments or company transport. In the case of shortened order fulfillment times or night deliveries, we organize company transport for blueback prints. For the blueback paper product, it is possible to arrange deliveries to different addresses.

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